Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Adorably Cute Baby Animals

For a few months, I was driven to create only that which falls under the category of cute and fuzzy.  This was mostly inspired by one of my first ever paintings painted in 2006 that really made me laugh, "My Maniacal Teddy."

There was something just so delightfully raw and crude about how the very simple, single character on a plain background made such a statement.  I wanted to explore this, but with less creepy characters.

In 2013, I began a series of what I liked to call "Adorably Cute Baby Animals," or really, images that just make you go "Awww…"  Historically, my work has been rather sadistic and satirical, and I merely wanted to see how it felt to create art that warms your heart.

This led to my first painting of the series "The Elephant With the Long Ears."  I hope to do a series of this baby elephant, Ellis, overcoming the obstacles of stumbling over these extremely long ears.

I've done many more characters, and have chosen to create a small series around each of them.  

Georgey the Giraffe:

Randy the Rhino:

With a child audience in mind, I eventually hope to turn this animal series into a tangible brand focused on room decor, clothing, or even a children's book.

More characters being developed:

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